Oliver Armitage


Mechanics of Functionally-graded Biomineralized Composites

Oliver is working on the mineral-collagen interface as found in many natural materials including eggshell, articular cartilage and ACL – bone interfaces. This interface is characterised by a tri-phasic structure that provides a mechanicaly robust and biocompatible interface between natural hard and soft materials. In order to replicate the mineral collage interface Oliver is using a modified automated Alternate Soaking Process to induce heterogeneous nucleation of a calcium carbonate-gelatin composite on collagenous membranes. This addition of gelatin to the mineral replicates the organic component of many biominerals. In addition, his work aims to replicate the mechanically advantageous microstructure of avain eggshell that is achieved by spatial control over the nucleation sites of crystals by using analgous protein factors to those found during mineralisation in the avian shell gland.

Oliver tweets at @Oliver_Armitage.

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