Current research projects:


  • Mechanical Characterization of Hydrogels
  • Hydrogel Composites for Tissue Engineering

Indentation and Nanoindentation

  • Poroelastic indentation analysis
  • Indentation for Cancer Diagnosis
  • Viscoelastic Indentation of Polymers

Mechanics of Tissues and Biomimics

  • Biomimetic Bone-Like Materials
  • Mineralized Tissues as Composite Materials

Obstetrics and Biomechanics

  • A “Virtual Placenta” model for understanding oxygen transport
  • Fracture mechanics of the fetal membranes in preterm birth

Past Projects

  • Cartilage Tissue Engineering
  • Impact Biomechanics

Copyright © 2008, Michelle L. Oyen
Revised: October 6, 2008

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